Breckenridge Real Estate

breckenridge-real-estate Breckenridge Real Estate Breckenridge is a town of approximately 2,500 year-around residents in Colorado’s rural Summit County. It is a great location for skiing, boating, golfing, and other activities. There is a ski resort, golf course, Kayak Park, ice rink, and other recreational facilities.

A wide variety of Breckenridge properties are available for purchase in Breckenridge real estate including condominiums, timeshares, undeveloped land, log cabins, and large luxury single-family homes. Many of the condominiums offer features such as jacuzzis, saunas, and indoor swimming pools. While this is not true of all properties in the area, some of the smaller cabins and cottages can be quite affordable.

Breckenridge realtors have reported on the Realty Times market condition report system that Breckenridge real estate sales and Summit County real estate have been record-high during 2005 and 2006, with the construction of a new gondola helping to encourage additional sales.

While Breckenridge’s cold winters with plentiful snowfall make it attractive for skiing and snowmobiling, its cool summer temperatures enable residents to escape the heat and humidity common in many parts of the country. Such conditions and the availability of summer activities like hiking, golfing and kayaking allow Breckenridge to be a more desirable place to live or visit than areas which are entirely oriented towards skiing.

Breckenridge real estate also offers opportunities for businessmen and investors interested inĀ  renovating homes for resale or renting them to people visiting the area. The large amount of interest in Breckenridge real estate is likely to make renovations, repairs, and improvements to homes quite valuable. The Breckenridge area is very attractive for rental properties, especially short-term rentals during the skiing season.

Although travel to large cities like Denver entails a long commute, there is a substantial amount of employment available for local residents despite the town’s rural setting. Employment is made available by recreational establishments, local businesses, and the town government. This helps to make Breckenridge a more attractive place to live year-around.

Overall, Breckenridge real estate is an exciting and enjoyable place to live which offers properties suitable for people with a wide range of budgets, preferences, and expectations

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